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Springfield Police Department's Seized 'Jokermobile'

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Springfield, Fla. -

Police departments all over the country are gaining revenue by seizing items from criminals. Now the Springfield PD is looking for buyers for a very unique car after one man learns that the when it comes to crime.

At Springfield PD, a '78 Chevy Impala sits in the impound lot. It's complete with solid 24 inch chrome rims and 18 speakers in the front seat, both doors, and the back seat. It also sports a slick custom paint job. Now this car belongs to Chief Phillip Thorne and the Springfield Police Department

"We're the only Police Department around that's got a Jokermobile," Thorne said. They refer to it as the 'Jokermobile' because of the character painted on the side reminiscent of the Joker character from the 'Batman' comics.

Back in November of 2010, police saw the car driving near Business 98 and Highway 22 with the speakers blaring.

"They made a traffic stop...while one officer was talking with the driver of the vehicle...the other happened to look in the car and could see some baggies of Marijuana," Thorne said.

A search of the vehicle later uncovered cocaine. The driver was arrested, and the car was turned over to the police department. But don't worry, you won't see the Jokermobile join the regular fleet anytime soon. Chief Thorne says he plans on auctioning off this car to buy equipment for the police department.

"My goal is to sell it and get the most money that we can get for it to turn around and use for criminal investigations. Purchase some safety equipment, like ballistic vests for my officers.

Thorne says the Jokermobile shows that they are not kidding around when it comes to dealing with criminals

"Bad guys, we'll get your assets, and we'll use them for the public good."