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The Panhandle is full of all sorts of people, from fisherman on the coast to farmers in the fields of the northern Panhandle. Each person in the Panhandle has a unique story, and who better to tell that story than a longtime Panhandle resident? Greg Sherrod sets out each week to find the identity of the Panhandle’s People and he shows their stories Sundays on News 13 This Weekend at 10:00 and Mondays on News 13 This Morning.

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  • Greg Sherrod

    Greg Sherrod

    Greg Sherrod is Mr. Rock ‘N Roll, Mr. Sports and Mr. Trivia for News 13 This Morning. Greg also produces a special report on interesting people living right here in the Panhandle. You can watch Panhandle People Sundays at 10 and Mondays on News 13 This Morning.More >>