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  • Common Gastronenterological ProblemsCommon Gastronenterological ProblemsMore>>

  • Heartburn


    A burning sensation in the upper abdomen and chest. Also known as acid indigestion, heartburn is most common in older people and pregnant women. Burning chest pain is sometimes accompanied by a bitterMore >>
  • Constipation


    Constipation is infrequent or irregular bowel movements in which feces are hard and dry. Although most people have one bowel movement a day, as many as three movements a day or a few a three a week areMore >>
  • Diarrhea


    Diarrhea is an abnormal increase in the frequency, fluidity, and volume of bowel movements. More than three soft, loose, or watery bowel movements in a day constitute diarrhea. In a healthy adult, mostMore >>
  • Colitis


    Inflammation of the lining of the colon. Colitis may affect the entire colon or only parts of it. One type of colitis is caused by bacterial infection. Sometimes, this form of the disease occurs afterMore >>
  • What is Crohn's Disease?

    What is Crohn's Disease?

    What is Crohn's Disease?Crohn's disease is part of chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Another name for that disease is Regional Enteritis. Crohn's disease is a nonspecific granulomatous inflammatory diseaseMore >>