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Advertise with and News 13 is an ideal place to advertise your business or event. With an average of 9 separate ad position on each page of the website, averages some 3,500,000 ad deliveries per month.

We also offer Section Sponsorships. This is a great opportunity to link your business with a related section within our web site.

Television Advertising

Put your business on the most powerful medium in the market!

Why Advertise on WMBB News 13? - Because Broadcast Television Delivers Results!
  • WMBB-TV broadcasts its signal to all households in the Panama City Market
  • WMBB-TV's signal is carried on all cable systems in the Panama City Market
  • WMBB-TV's Local Commercials air on cable and on satellite
  • Broadcast Television continues to dominate as the #1 Medium

Did you know that more people learn about products by watching TV?

Television offers advertisers a broad range of creative options to capture viewer attention – when you are on WMBB your message creates the greatest opportunity for RESULTS!

Reach Efficiency Sight
Frequency Accessibility Sound
Impact Availability Motion
Selectivity Performance Color
Targeting Measurement Emotion

Local Broadcast TV Websites also provide a great advertising platform…

  • 38.1% of Adults have visited a local broadcast TV station website in the past 30 days
  • 37.7% of station website visitors have viewed video content while on the site

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George Baker
General Sales Manager