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PCB Police Department Raid Four 'Purple Haze' Locations

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Panama City Beach, Fla. -

One day after a raid at several Purple Haze locations in Panama City Beach, Beach police are showing off what they found. The raid led to three people being arrested on unrelated charges. It also turned up items Bay County residents are used to hearing by now -- bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

They go by names like Peachy King, Laughing Buddha, and Irie Vibes - and Lieutenant Robert Clarkson with Beach Police says tonight, at one store, these synthetic drugs are off the shelves.

"This is a major seizure and we're doing everything we can to combat the problem," Lt. Clarkson said. "We're gonna address it proactively and try to stay on top of it."

They were confiscated Wednesday from four Panama City Beach based Purple Haze stores. It all started when police were called out to a drug overdose about three months ago.

"We learned that the victim had ingested synthetic marijuana they had purchased from the Purple Haze, then we started conducting an undercover operation into the purple haze locations," Lt. Clarkson said.

That's when the synthetic drugs were found. However, that wasn't all that was found. Pipes, scales, and other drug paraphernalia were found as well, some of them disguised as the most innocent items. For example cans of Ajax and bottles of Coke opened up to reveal hidden compartments to store drugs.

Many of the items carried a high price tag, in all totaling somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Some of these glass pipes are going for 300 dollars a piece, these packets of synthetic marijuana are going anywhere from 20 to 100 dollars," Lt. Clarkson said.

Panama City Beach has been a hot bed for raids like this over the past year, as Bay County has fought the battle against bath salts.

"We have the higher number of stores that sell them, so obviously there is more product that is being put on the street from these stores," Lt. Clarkson said. "So you'll probably see it more here than you would see in other towns in our county."

News 13 walked into a few of those Purple Haze stores Thursday, but managers and employees said they had no comment. Beach PD says additional arrests are expected.