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Deerpoint Lake Drawdown Underway

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The gates are open, and the drawdown of Deerpoint Lake is underway.  Bay County officials say the timing couldn't be better.

Millions of gallons of water are flowing out of the lake and into North Bay.  By Thursday, the level is expected to drop about two feet, exposing aquatic weeds just in time for the cold weather to kill them.

The drawdown is scheduled to last thirty days, a shorter period than in previous years.  That's because the main purpose this time around isn't weed control.  Shoreline repair is the goal.

"It gives property owners an opportunity to do some maintenance around their properties," said Valerie Lovett, Public Information Officer.  "It also lets the county take a look at our pumps and do maintenance or whatever is necessary."

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission plans to evaluate the lake's health during the year and determine whether a more extensive drawdown will be required in 2013.