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Parker Meth Bust is "Largest in Parker History"

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Parker, Fla. -

Five people are in police custody tonight after what authorities say is one of the biggest meth busts they've ever seen. Parker police continue to process the scene-- which held four meth cooks.

Monday evening police set the amount at about 500 grams of ephedrine. They say meth is a problem authorities continue to battle.

Tim Obert had never seen it before. "All of a sudden the entire trailer park was surrounded with authorities, CSI, fire department, chemical control."

In a quiet neighborhood off Highway 98 in parker, police discovered one of the largest meth cooks ever seen in the area.

Detective Aaron Wilson was shocked at the four cooks the suspects had. Two of them cooked meth even as authorities busted the building. "The amount of different cooking apparatuses they had; I was surprised. They also had an area in the trailer that they were actually cutting the methamphetamine for resale."

Five individuals were arrested at number eleven of 4335 east 98. Four were from Bay County and one from Mississippi.

Detective Wilson says the lab was a mishmash of shake and bake and older methods.

Responding officers with the Parker Police Department say that while an officer was banging on the front door, suspects were trying to escape through the back door, but an officer was waiting for them.

A neighbor, Obert, says he's always been suspicious of that residence. "I thought to myself 'something's going down' because I'd already had a bad feeling about that trailer. I wasn't surprised.'"

The health department and D.E.P. have been notified of the hazardous materials that could still lurk in the trailer.

Police say the owner of the property will be responsible for cleanup.

Authorities in parker say meth has become such a problem, they hope to address it in a nuisance ordinance that would outlaw renting any property, whether it's a home or hotel room, to those planning to cook meth.