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Synthetic Marijuana Bust

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Three individuals are facing several charges tonight after an under cover operation reveals a panama city cigarette shop was selling synthetic marijuana.

It comes in the form of aroma therapy, and with names like Scooby Snax and Wicked, authorities say its targeting a much younger crowd.

After a five month long investigation, the Panama City Police Department served warrants at the Cigarette Express, located on west Highway 98, arresting three individuals and seizing over 30 thousand dollars of synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia, as well as, over 6 thousand dollars in cash.

"If you were going into this store to purchase it you had to specifically ask for Scooby Snax or Wicked or Master Kush," says Sgt. Manny Gonzalez. "Then they would pull something from underneath the counter and give you a price list of what they had the different type of grams of bag that they had."


All though this variety does not contain the illegal component JWH-018, typically in synthetic marijuana, it has an analog of it, making it just as illegal. Police say its just as dangerous as the real thing.


"It's all the same product. All the same subject. It gets you high the same way and they're targeting our teenagers. Our kids," says Gonzalez.

More of the aroma therapy is being tested for analogs, and if it comes back positive, there could be more charges filed.