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Canning Summer Produce 101

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Judy Corbus, the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for both Washington and Holmes Counties, visited News 13 This Morning, on Wednesday. She was here to show viewers how easy and rewarding home canning can be.  Judy has worked with University of Florida/IFAS Extension since 1993. She also conducts community education programs in the areas of consumer education, nutrition, and food safety and preservation. 

With tomatoes and blueberries being in harvest in the Panhandle during the month of June, Judy shared the proper technique of canning tomatoes – whole or halved - and in preparing blueberry jam (without added pectin).  The boiling water canning method is used in processing both the tomatoes and the jam.  Detailed recipes and instructions can be found at

For more information, or to sign up for classes, Judy can be contacted at (850) 638-6265 or (850) 547-1108, or email her at