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Jackson County Sheriff Candidates

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Aldrich Johnson Aldrich Johnson
Lou Roberts Lou Roberts

Rev. Aldrich D. Johnson, Sr.
No Party Affiliation

Phone - 850-592-4649

E-mail - aldrch@aol.com


I am qualified for Sheriff, first because never has my generation and community faced me straight up and down with charges of improprieties, moral, spiritual, or otherwise as their rule and guide for their practices of impartiality in dispensing the laws of GOD and man, local, state, and national, in this my life and I believe they never will.

I believe I am qualified for this job because I have yet to take a fellow human being's life and I hope I will not ever be compelled to though I stand ready to do my duty, so help me GOD.

I am qualified and can do the job of Sheriff, second because after all of SATAN'S agents attacks and their posturing, torture, looting, unprecedented malice forethought and ill-will, GOD has spoken, HE has said that he has prepared me for the job and not only I can do it, but I will do it, and let the Church, and community say, Amen!

Formal Military Police training, from which I retired,Captain U.S. Army.

3 Main Campaign Points:

Safe environment to live in, night or day for work or recreation.

The eternal question is, "who is he that will harm you if you be followers of that which is good?" I, Rev. Aldrich D. Johnson, Sr., candidate for Sheriff, will set the highest standard of good, possible for man, and I ask you to help hold me to it.

Too many people, far too many are as children having rose up to play. You do not have to teach children to do bad, but you do have to teach them to do good. I have a Double Masters Degree, and am a Master Teacher. I know about doing and being good, because GOD is good. I have been teaching for years, as GOD'S representative, now let us help more people, today, right now, elect, Rev. Aldrich D. Johnson, Sr., for - Sheriff!


Louis "Lou" S. Roberts, III


Sheriff Lou Roberts announces his intention to seek a second term as your Sheriff of Jackson County Florida. Lou asks for your vote and support in the upcoming election.

Sheriff Roberts has been a resident of Jackson County since early childhood. He is a graduate of Marianna High School, Chipola College and Troy State University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Criminal Justice with a double minor in Business and Sociology.

Sheriff Roberts is a graduate of the Chief Executive Leadership Program, which is sponsored by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Sheriff Roberts has served on several law enforcement task forces and community organizations and is very active in the local Kiwanis Club of Marianna. Sheriff Roberts began his criminal justice career as a Deputy Sheriff in 1977 with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and prior to being elected Sheriff; he served as the City of Marianna Chief of Police for six and a half years. Sheriff Roberts and his wife Kathy have been married for 34 years. They have three children, Brent, Jared, and Kara. Brent and his family reside in Bay County Florida, Jared, age 22 and Kara, age 20, reside in Marianna, Florida. Sheriff Roberts and his family are active members of the First Presbyterian Church in Marianna.

After taking office in 2008, Sheriff Roberts immediately began work on obtaining new information technology. With assistance from the Bay County Sheriff's Office and several federal grants, Sheriff Roberts obtained the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that has enabled deputies the ability to research information from their vehicles, to be securely dispatched to calls, to complete reports from their vehicles and address trends in crime without having to drive to the office.

Some of the programs Sheriff Roberts and his staff have implemented include a Crime Prevention Program funded by fine and forfeiture dollars. This program address's concerns for safety for the entire community, particularly meeting with school aged children and senior citizens to teach safety and crime prevention.

Sheriff Roberts and his team are very proud to have formed an Honor Guard to represent the Sheriff's Office and Community during special events.

The Reserve Deputy Program has been reinstituted saving the Citizens of Jackson County tax dollars through the many hours worked by these volunteer deputies.

A Chaplain's program has also been implemented to assist law enforcement personnel and the communities they serve.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office continues to work cooperatively with the Community and our Judicial system to pro-actively combat crime. The Sheriff's Office has successfully maintained a better than statewide average on clearance rate of crimes reported.

Sheriff Roberts wants to thank the Citizens of Jackson County Florida for allowing him the opportunity to serve as their Sheriff. Since being elected your Sheriff, he and his entire staff have worked diligently to ensure that the citizens of Jackson County are safe and secure whether at home or in the workplace.

The men and women of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office promise to remain steadfast in their efforts to be good stewards of the taxpayer dollars and continue to serve and protect the Citizens of Jackson County.