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Jackson County Tax Collector Candidates

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Sherry Brown Sherry Brown
Karen Fader Karen Fader

Sherry A. Brown



I have thirty-six (36) years experience with the Jackson County Tax Collectors Office. The last eight (8) years as Jackson County Tax Collector, serving the citizens has been an honor.

I have worked in every department of the office, leaving nothing out. I have proven leadership and the ability to run the office with a perfect audit and returning unused fees to the county at the end of every fiscal year that I have been Tax Collector.

I will continue to support all four (4) Branch Offices. Jackson County is a large county and all offices are needed for the citizens. For Sneads and Graceville it is a fifty (50) mile round trip to Marianna. I took over Drivers License in October, 2011 and also have two (2) full time State Certified CDL personnel state staff, which gives written and driving test. The nearest state CDL office is in Gainesville, that opens one (1) day a week.

I have been in the process of cross training all employees for months, this will continue until each employee is complete crossed trained.

I am dedicated to continuing friendly, knowledgeable and professional customer service. I am dependable and committed to the community. I have always been conservative protecting your "hard earned" Tax Dollars. This is the citizens office and I never forget that.

Karen Fader


I am a graduate from Chipola College in Political Science and have been the Volunteer President of the Community Safety Coalition in Marianna for the past 12 years.  I completed the Tax Collector Roles and Responsibility training. I have been a volunteer since the age of 15 and continue to do so in Jackson County at many agencies and organizations.  Currently, I serve on the Florida Injury Prevention Advisory Council for the State of Florida, Volunteer Regional Trainer in Bike Education, a member of the State Community Traffic Safety Teams Coalition as well as a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, #1516, American Legion Auxiliary Post 100, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and East Jackson County Economic Development Council. 

As a liaison with all levels of government, I was responsible for the coordination of emergency/disaster response and training several hundred employees and volunteers since 2000 including the oversight of recovery efforts with over 200 personnel daily. I currently work in the capacity of a part-time Disaster Assistance Employee with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a Congressional Liaison Specialist providing Federal program information to District Staffers and survivors in a disaster. I have operated business in retail, Internet and service industries since the late 1970's and directly responsible for the daily operations in personnel, fiscal management, and contracts.

With my experience as a business owner and working with all levels of Government in current and previous employment, I will be able to lead by example and guide the office to a high level of productivity with staff who are knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals.  

3 Main Campaign Points:

Specific errors had arisen with us personally regarding activities within the Tax Collector's office.  No real explanation as to how or why the errors occurred was given.  I plan on identifying the source of these, and other errors, and take steps to reduce the mistakes.  Every employee needs to know where to find the answers to your questions and help find solutions to your issues.                              

Good things can come from the Tax Collector's office.  Building the Team's moral by providing incentives and showing appreciation often will increase productivity thus providing you a higher level of service and respect.  I will foster and encourage an atmosphere of Community Service among all employees and use State Approved Incentive Programs to enable each employee to be involved in their communities.

More importantly, how can the Tax Collector's office benefit you and your family?  As your Tax Collector, I will set up an Educational Foundation Fund for our youth enabling them to stay in Jackson County and providing an avenue for those individuals who wish to postpone college until later but choose to receive certifications in Public Service and Service vocations.