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Bay County Property Appraiser

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Gregory LaPlante Gregory LaPlante
Dan Sowell Dan Sowell

Gregory LaPlante
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Former Licensed Real Estate Broker for 20+ years 6+ Real Estate Courses from GCCC Licensed Contractor, small business owner.

3 Main Campaign Points:

  • Let's get rid of the $2.00 per acre Property Tax and  save our schools and community!
  • Let's restore Honesty, Integrity and Fairness the YOUR Property Appraisers office!
  • Let's put  people first in line and Big Corporate land owners and special interest groups, WAY in the back! 


Dan Sowell


My name is Dan Sowell. It is my privilege to serve as your property appraiser. I have been in the property appraiser's office over 23 years. I hold the Certified Florida Appraiser designation. I am a proven leader with proven results. Since 2009 property assessments are down more than 21%. I am ever mindful that it's your tax dollars that run our office. Our office's 2012 budget was $124,000 less than its 2011 budget. Our office's staffing level has been reduced. We have made more data than ever available on our office's website.

3 Main Campaign Points:

Going forward, I will continue to ensure assessments are fair and equitable. I will continue my quest for a larger exemption for widows, widowers and the disabled. If it becomes cost-effective, I hope to offer online filing of property tax exemptions. I thoroughly enjoy serving as your property appraiser and would be most grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve you. I would appreciate your vote on November 6th.