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Gulf County Man Shot in Head

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Gulf County, Fla. -

Authorities in Gulf County are investigating a shooting between 2 neighbors that they say started because of a racial remark made to a child; the accused is behind bars.

When the Gulf County Sheriff's Office arrived on-scene they found the suspect eating dinner and a man shot in the head on his patio.

Several calls were made to 911, but one stuck out in particular. "This man came in and threatened to kill me and I just shot him. I need ya'll to come and pick him up.... He's moving out there, he's on my back patio."

59-year-old Walton Henry Butler called police after he shot Everitt Gant in the forehead and admitted to the crime. Sheriff Joe Nugent says the incident stems from a racial remark made to a child. 

"He (Butler) says, what are you doing with the little n**** word. It offended the young lady who was baby sitting and she left the apartment."

The lady is Gant's girlfriend. On Tuesday, neighbors reacted to the shooting. "I mean he treated the victim like he wasn't human. I mean he shot him and finished his dinner. That doesn't deserve to be out in the street he deserves to be behind bars." Gekeela Clemmons says.

"I mean you make racial sayings to kids, that's crazy. You don't have any heart at all and justice should be served. Kayla Jefferson says.

"It's one of those things that you can't hardly believe it. You don't know what to think." Dorothy Odom says.

Butler is being held without bond. The state attorney's office is waiting to file formal charges against him, those are expected in 5 days. As far as the victim is concerned, he's in guarded condition at Bay Medical Center.



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Gulf County investigators say a man charged with attempted murder is admitting to the crime.

According to the Gulf County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a shooting call at the Pine Ridge Apartments around 9:00 p.m. on Monday. 

When they arrived at the residence they found 59-year-old Walton Butler at home, and the unnamed victim lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to his head.  According to investigators, the victim had been shot with a .22 caliber rifle.  The Sheriff's Office says, when asked what had happened, Butler admitted to shooting the other man.

The victim was rushed to Bay Medical Center, where he's currently listed in guarded condition. Meanwhile, Butler is in jail on attempted murder charges.  His first court appearance will be on Tuesday morning.