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Parents React to Springfield Elementary's Schedule

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Springfield Elementary has been on it's new schedule for a full week now, and the reaction to the extra hour of class seems to be positive.

Parents say they are excited that the school is amping up the efforts to help student performance.

"I think the longer day is better because they're trying to better the reading scores. It's good that they're trying to help the kids out," says Lillie Westry, a mother with three students at Springfield.

With the new schedule, students now get out at 3 PM instead of 2 PM which will provide an extra hour just for reading. Since the school is among the lowest in reading scores, the Florida Department of Education is issuing the mandate to help increase learning gains.

The school is implementing the SRA reading program, a direct instructional program embedded during the reading lesson. School officials say so far the new schedule is going smoothly, and parents say they are happy that their students are getting the extra help.

"It's going to be able to help my kids and other kids boost their scores in reading and to be able to pass the FCAT," says Nikki Gilbert, the mother of three students at Springfield.

Teacher will get their hourly pay for the extra time.