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End In Sight For Parker Mobile Home Moratorium?

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Parker, Fla. -

It seems as if the mobile home moratorium in the City of Parker is here to stay - at least for now. Back in May, the city put the brakes on new mobile homes moving into the city limits.

Part of the reason why it hasn't been lifted is because right now the city is coming through hundreds and hundreds of pages of the city's Land Development Regulation.

The purpose of the LDR is to establish and implement comprehensive planning for the city. It deals with everything from building heights to the type of awnings residents could use. Throughout their 3 1/2 hour meeting Thursday morning, a major theme for the council was deciding what they wanted the future of Parker to look like.

A major part of that future is mobile homes. The city council says they put a pause on mobile home and mobile park development back in May so they could look into how to regulate and improve existing ones in the area. After that, the temporary hold would be lifted. First, they say they have to get through the LDR.

"The issue of mobile home parks and mobile homes in the city of Parker has been of interest to the council and to citizens," said city clerk Nancy Rowell. "Until the land development regulations are finalized, there wont be any further discussion of the moratorium."

Commissioners expect to finally address the mobile home issue in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, that temporary ban on the mobile homes expires on October 28th.