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Mosley HS Rumor Cleared

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Mosley High School officials are working to clear up a rumor about a security threat planned for Friday. The false rumor lead students to believe another student was planning on bringing a weapon to school.

Sandy Harrison, principal of Mosley High School, says this was just a statement not meant to be taken literally, but she's glad students take these types of concerns seriously.

"On one hand it's teenagers overreaction to what they heard, that whole game of gossip. On the other hand we're very glad that teenagers report,  what they heard, what they think they heard and let the authorities and the adults investigate it," says Harrison.

According to school officials, some students overheard another student saying that he was going to bring a weapon on campus Friday. The students reported the possible threat to the School Resource Deputy.

The SRD along with school authorities followed protocol and investigated the student, visited the home, as well as, spoke with the student's parents. Officials determined the student did not pose a threat. Following the investigation, parents at the school were notified by the district's IRIS alert system that there will be no threat at school on Friday.

Parents with students at the school say they are glad the school takes these concerns seriously. "I was concerned at first, thinking what should I do? Should I keep my child home from school? I feel highly that the administrators and everything at Mosley are taking this very seriously, and I feel confident in that," says Pamm Chapman.