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Bozeman's Katlyn Herring- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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Athletes at Deane Bozeman School are in a unique position, as students can play sports starting in the 6th grade. For older, experienced players on the Varsity volleyball squad like Katlyn Herring, that means taking some time to mentor younger Lady Bucks. Katlyn is always on the volleyball court, and she's often seen leading drills for the JV squad.

"She wants to coach! She's told me, I'd love to coach, I'd love to coach. I hope she does," says Head Coach Erin Mullins.

"I started getting in to helping them, and it felt good," says Katlyn. "They asked me a question, and I'll show them how to pass, or I can help them hit better."

Who better for the younger volleyball girls to learn from then Katlyn, who as a co-captain, consistently sports some of the highest stats for the Lady Bucks.

"She's extremely coachable," says Coach Mullins. "You tell her to do something, she does it. She learns quick. She picks up on things quick, and she's very court aware. She stays for every single practice, she's at every conditioning, every event that we do. She's here, she takes the time, she's just very dedicated."

Katlyn isn't just dedicated on the court, she's also dedicated in the classroom, taking several honors courses all while boasting a 3.5 GPA.

"My family is big on grades," says Katlyn. "They say they want me to be active, but at the same time, they'd rather me focus on my schoolwork. I really push hard for my schoolwork because I want to play volleyball."

"It's really refreshing to see that, because you get a lot of athletes that are thinking oh I'm just an athlete, I don't have to make good grades because I'll just be the best athlete and not be a scholar as well, but it's really nice to see somebody dedicated to both sides," Coach Mullins says.

Being dedicated to both sides has its benefits- as Katlyn's received interest from several colleges to continue her career at the next level, and all that attention from the outside, has taken notice amongst her fellow teammates.

"She doesn't see it, because it's hard to see it as you see yourself," says Coach Mullins. "The younger girls definitely look up to her tremendously, especially because she goes out there and helps coach them and helps them get on the court."

"I feel myself as a role model," says Katlyn. "I figure if I work my hardest, then maybe somebody will remember me."

With all the accolades she's racked up both on the court, and in the classroom, remembering Katlyn Herring won't be a problem. Katlyn says she wants to student either fashion design or graphic design in college, and adds she definitely wants to keep coaching.