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School Board Discusses Moving Up Gym Project

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The lease for North Bay Haven Charter Academy is coming up in less than three years. In order to make sure the school has facilities ready for the students, the Bay District School Board is discussing moving up it's new gym on the 'half-cent sales tax' project list.

The project would jump more than 80 other items on the list, but Superintendent Bill Husfelt says he thinks this is a priority so the kids have somewhere to go when the current lease ends. Currently, North Bay Haven Charter Academy is in the works of building a new school off of Highway 390.

Tuesday, the superintendent brought up the discussion of moving up the schools new gym on the project list. According to Husfelt, projects on the 'half-cent sales tax' list can be moved up for pressing situations. He says he sees the need for new facilities for North Bay Haven as a priority. By agreeing to take on the gym project now, Husfelt says this could also help the charter school get the funding for the rest of the building, as well as, potentially saving the District money by doing all construction at once.

"They're losing their lease. They're going to have to go somewhere, and that's what the board is going to have to decide, whether or not that's an emergency. If they don't have a place to go, we're going to have to help them as much as we can to find a place, and that is on the list," says Husfelt.

On the other hand, school board members like Steve Moss say they can't justify a new gym over projects like important renovations and new air conditioning units.

"There's no way you can rationalize moving that up 82 spots to the top of the list when there are other schools that have a lot more pressing needs, i.e.. air conditioning, and new carpet and new classrooms. Not only as a school board member, but as a tax payer and a parent, I'm going wait a minute. There's no way you can rationalize moving it up 82 spots on the list," says Moss.

News 13 also spoke with Dr. Tim Kitts, CEO of North Bay Haven Charter Academy on Tuesday. Kitts said since the lease isn't up until June of 2015, the school has not even discussed lease renewal options.