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BCSO: Woman Beheaded Rabbit While on Meth

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Southport, Fla. -

Bay County Sheriff investigators release new details in a Southport child abuse case. The case involves a woman who reportedly beheaded a pet rabbit in front of two young children.

On Monday, warrant officers had to pry 35-year-old Tina Sandlin from under a Southport mobile home. Sandlin already had a warrant out for a DUI was now facing additional charges. "This is not something we see every day, it certainly outside the norm." Investigator Albert Willis says.

After reviewing an abuse report, Willis looked into allegations made by two young children. They claim Sandlin called them out of their bedrooms on July 15, 2012 to find her outside with the family rabbit, holding it by the ears. She then took a knife and cut the animal's head off.

"My investigation uncovers that this was not done for any sustained food purposes." Willis says. He also says that once her estranged husband confronted her about the incident, she told him she did it because she was bored and wanted to see the rabbit's inside's. She also admitted to Willis that she was under the influence of methamphetamine.

"The kids were obviously emotionally disturbed what had occurred, they have said as much.  There have been signs of continuing nightmares and other issues directly related to this incident." Willis adds.

"When I hear about animal abuse cases, yes its heart wrenching, but it's also disgusting." Humane Society President Terri Davidson says. These cases don't surprise her, but says people should report these issues once they happen.

"In the cases where somebody is abusing animals and it has to do with sociopathic behavior, they're not going to ask for help. They want that victim and in a case like that, you hope a neighbor or a family member will step up and make a phone call and ask for help." Davidson says.

News 13 asked Willis why the incident went unreported for so long, he says the father didn't know who to report it to or if it should even be reported. The Sheriff's Office advised us the father is retaining custody of the kids.

Meanwhile, Sandlin is being held at the Bay County Jail without bond.