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First Responders Recognized at Chamber Luncheon

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Bay County, Fla. -

When you're in a dire situation, a first responder can make the difference between life and death. On Thursday, community leaders gathered today to offer two simple words, "thank you."

Some may take their work for granted; they respond to fires, car accidents and drownings. Anywhere there's danger, Bay County's finest men and women are nearby to save the day. "First responders do a terrific job in the community and it's kind of one of those entities that people tend to take for granted." Bay County Chamber President Al McCambry says.

For granted maybe, but never forgotten. On Thursday, the Bay County Chamber of Commerce highlighted the service and oath taken by so many to protect and serve.

"It basically comes down to helping people." Bay Medical EMS Lt. Chuck Jeter says. Each person recognized at the first responders appreciation luncheon knows what it's like to watch over the community and to risk their life if need be.

"You will be called upon to place yourself in harms way for people that you've never met." Major Tommy Ford says.

As they wear their badge proudly, they think of their promise to serve as role models, provide for the future, and to try to ensure that no one gets hurts. "I think all fire fighters have that inside them." Capt Joe Cocco says.

"On numerous occasions the first responders, get there first and because what they do, it probably saves the life of someone, it probably saves a building from completely burning up, it probably saves so many things that if they don't respond first, there's going to be a lot of casualties out there." McCambry says.

So for all that you do first responders, Bay County salutes you, for your continued commitment.

First Responders of the Year:

  1. Law Enforcement: Officer Shawn Maguadog, Panama City Beach Police
  2. Fire: Captain Joe Cocco, Panama City Beach Fire
  3. EMS: Lt. Chuck Jeter
  4. Dispatch: Lesil Taylor