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VOTE 2012: Local Political Parties React to Presidential Debate

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At home in the Panhandle, political parties were glued to their TV sets for the first Presidential debate.

This campaign season, much focus is on Florida as both Mitt Romney and President Obama are hoping to swing votes their way.

But did their performance affect voters here at home?

A great deal of tonight's debate centered on the economy, which has been a key talking point from the Republicans here in the Panhandle who've said our tourism and rental based economies have taken a severe hit from failed Obama policies

Likewise, Panhandle Democrats have addressed economic woes, but said four years has not been enough time for Obama to fix what some call, "the mess" left by his predecessor George W. Bush.

At Wednesday's debate, voters saw both Romney and Obama outline an economic game plan. But, what did voters here at home think?

News 13 asked voters at both Romney and Obama debate parties their opinion on their debate performance and whether it was enough to sway undecided voters.

First, the Republicans weighed in.

"I think [Romney] demonstrated a command of the subject matter and I think he's doing very well," said Romney supporter, Bill Fitzgerald.

"We need some new ideas. The President is fresh out of new ideas. I think he's tried as hard as he knows best. I really do, but Governor Romney will lead us out of this recession. He will lead us out of the tough times right now," said Romney supporter, Alan Bense.

"People like myself...small independent business people…they are not going to survive under Obamacare and the way this country is going right now. Romney is the way out of this thing," said Wayne Lindsey.

Next, it was the Democrat's turn.

"Well, I think the president is presenting himself very well and he's presenting democratic ideologies very well. He needs to talk about affordable health care which was created for you and me," said Obama supporter, Holly Hale.

"Let the seniors know that Medicare is safe and sound and there's nothing that's going to be done with Medicare that's going to affect them financially," added Obama supporter, Leon Belton.

"I want him to separate himself and explain why his plan is better than Mitt Romney's probably put that more into layman's terms," said Obama supporter, Justin Lavoie.

Don't forget the deadline to register to vote is October 9th.