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Free Diabetes Seminar Held at Healthplex

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Over 25-million Americans today suffer from diabetes and one Bay County educator is informing residents what they can do to prevent it from happening to them.

Marcia Pell is a Registered Dietician and she is spreading the word on ways you can lower your risks of diabetes such as dietary factors, physical activity, and other lifestyle aspects.

She held a free seminar today at Bay Medical Center's Healthplex facility and shared several different studies and proven methods of how others have avoided diabetes.

Marcia says prevention is the key.

"If you can catch it before it actually impacts where your blood sugars are higher and you can turn it around... that just makes so much sense to me. To actually prevent problems instead of wait till you get it and then have to try to deal with it. Because it's so expensive and its no easy to do," Says Pell.

If you think you may be at risk for diabetes, there will be a free glucose screening at Healthplex on October 17th that will last from 9 till noon.


**Also, the Bay County Health Department will soon be launching a new "Diabetes Prevention Program". The program will help those at high risk of diabetes through a 12-month schedule and will be completely free of charge.

For information on how to join, contact Lisa Rahn at (850) 872-4455 ext.1344 or you can e-mail Lisa at <>