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New Callaway City Manager: Week One on the Job

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The City Manager in Callaway is already setting goals.

"I think the first goal that we have to address here is the debt," said Marcus Collins.

Callaway's debt is something that could cripple the city in the upcoming years.

"We are facing some heavy debt here because of bonds being floated and I have to look at a way of creating a revenue stream so the future debt on those bonds can be paid," said Collins. "And that's a big challenge and I think I'm up to the challenge to make that happen."

Challenges he will have to face with the help of employees and the city's council.

"I think we have some talented employees they just need leadership and we just have to be focused on the same goal," said Collins.

"I'm hoping he can bring unity to our not only our commission but our employees as well," said Callaway HR Technician Patricia Johnson.

Johnson will be working with Collins closely.

"Marcus has been actually great very friendly and I feel a sense of fairness that's about to come to our city," said Johnson.

Collins not only believes in teaching education but learning it as well.

"I believe in having the open door policy and allowing citizens to come in and give their opinion," said Collins. "You would be amazed at the education our there if you would just listen."

And listening to citizens is something Collins has already started doing.

"The citizens is going to be a big part of this," said Collins. "We have to listen to our citizens and follow some of their directions too."

Collins will have his first opportunity to listen to citizens publicly at his first commission meeting as city manager. That meeting will take place Tuesday October 9th.