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Presidential Debate Spikes Voter Registrations

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Bay County, Fla. -

Tuesday's first presidential debate electrified the crowd in Denver and across the country, especially voters. The phones at the Bay County Supervisor of Election's office are ringing off the hook, with people wanting to register to vote.

 "This has become an emotional attachment to this election and as I've said in the past, whenever emotion is involved, people participate at a higher level." Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen says.

Over the last two weeks, 3,500applications were turned in. it's the final push before the October 9th deadline.  "What we want to remove from this process is procrastination." Andersen says.

On Thursday, an influx of voters walked in asking to register.  Meanwhile people are also register through third parties, like the local campaign offices.

However, Andersen says at times applications are incomplete; he says people omit information from the application on accident. But if it happens close to the deadline, it could cost you your vote. "We do review it and you'll get a letter that you missed the component but again we don't treat voters any differently just because a deadline is approaching." Andersen says.

That's why some aren't taking chances. "I believe that every vote counts, it doesn't take all but 5 minutes to register to vote." Aubrey Greninger says.

To ensure that everyone has a chance to register to vote, the Supervisor of Elections office will be open until midnight on October 9th. You can register to vote and verify your information at the Supervisor of Elections office on 11th street or visit