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Governor Mike Huckabee Speaks to Seniors on Healthcare in Sandestin

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Coming off of Wednesday's heated presidential debate in Denver, former Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, spoke to Panhandle senior citizens Thursday about the state of healthcare and the importance of this election.

Mr. Huckabee openly criticized Obama's ‘Affordable Healthcare Plan,' saying it's a "bad product" created through a "bad process."

"This was a bill that was shoved down the throats of the American people, against their will. It was a one sided partisan effort. Republicans were shut out of the process. It didn't have one single Republican vote in the house or the senate. It was passed in the middle of the night by people who wouldn't even let people read it and admitted they hadn't even read it when they passed a 23-hundred page bill," said Huckabee.

The discussion of healthcare in this country has been a talking point for both Republicans and Democrats this election season. It was a hot topic at Wednesday's Presidential debate.

Romney vowed to leave health reform to the states and use a voucher system for seniors to decide between Medicare and private insurance. Meanwhile, Obama went on the defensive about his law, which creates a Medicare "Payment Advisory Board' that would establish proposals to keep Medicare spending below the target rate.

Thursday, Huckabee spoke to a packed crowd of seniors for the "60 Plus" Organization rally on healthcare. The nonpartisan organization works to provide a senior voice for issues surrounding healthcare, including affordable prescriptions and saving the state of Social Security and Medicare.

Huckabee encouraged attendees to know their facts and educate themselves going into the voting booth on Election Day.

"They need to be careful not to let themselves get duped into thinking that somehow Barack Obama is the one who's going to protect Medicare and Mitt Romney is going to kill it. That just is not the truth. The fact is, if we don't do something about the runaway spending we have, it's not just Medicare that's going broke, it's the whole doggone federal government," said Huckabee.

The 60 Plus Organization has been on a nation wide "Lets Do Better" bus tour, drawing senior citizens at each stop. The state of Florida is the last leg of the tour before Election Day.