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Fishermen Endorse Congressman Southerland

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Panama City Beach, Fla. -

Candidates for Florida's 2nd Congressional District are making a strong push towards the finish. On Monday, both Republican Congressman Steve Southerland and his Democratic opponent Al Lawson made appearances in Bay County.

At Captain Anderson's Marina, fish were breaded, fried and served to the public to support Congressman Steve Southerland. "He's a great man, he's for the people." Joan Morgan says.

Fishermen of all ages threw Southerland a party Monday evening and presented him with the 2012 Fishing Champion Award. "Steve has done more for the fishing industry and the fishing public than any representative that we've had out of District 2." Bob Zales says.  

"I think he's just trying to do what's best for people here in Florida and I think he's on the right path and as long as he keeps running, I'll keep voting for him." Steve Hoernlin says.

In March 2012 the congressman rallied with over 1000 fisherman to fight off government regulations, a promise he says he's kept.

"That is not a desire, that our founding fathers ever intended would be stolen from you, would be taxed from, would be regulated from you, to where you had nothing to show. That is sinful." Southerland exclaimed at the rally.

"Steve has been a champion for the fisherman here, you know I've heard Steve say before, he doesn't want to make the gulf an aquarium." Ex-Republican Party Chair Bobby Roberts says.

But Southerland has been attacked by his opponent for not working across party lines. "Every vote he has taken has been on a partisan basis has not tried to reach across the lines to make things happen." Al Lawson says.

"I think people that know me, know that I'm fair. People that know me know that I'm going to work with members of both parties." Southerland countered.