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Mexico Beach Not Firing City Administrator Following Controversy

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The city of Mexico Beach decided not to fire City Manager, Chris Hubbard, following behavior some call "unbecoming" of a person in power. However, the discovery of his political blog and current living situation with a female city employee had some crying "ethics violation"

Some residents wanted Hubbard fired.

"You need to take a good look at who you're putting forward," said one citizen.

Others residents condemned what they called a "character assassination" of Hubbard.

"We need to really think very carefully about crucifying somebody," said another citizen.

But, one by one, residents spoke their peace about Hubbard and the allegations of a recent report out of "The Raw Oyster" newsletter.

Inside the newsletter are allegations that Hubbard's right-leaning political blog, which he had operated under a pseudonym "Guerrilla Patriot", made denigrating remarks against females, Muslims and African Americans.

Councilwoman Tanya Castro voiced her concerns that Hubbard's behavior was grounds for dismissal.

"All of this compounded gets down to judgment. It's about good judgment," she said.

Councilman Robert Pollock stood behind Hubbard's record.

"This is a good man. Sure he's done something wrong, but should he be fired? No," said Pollock.

Perhaps most conflicted was Mayor Al Cathey.

"I came here today thinking I knew the right path. I'm not sure that I made a proper evaluation," said Cathey.

Hubbard has seen his share of trouble, including a 2008 DUI charge two years in as Mexico Beach City Manager.

The newsletter also charged that Hubbard's living arrangement with current City Clerk, Deborah McLeod, could be considered nepotism.

"Not everything that you read on someone's newsletter...not all of that is true. In fact, I would recommend that everybody take that with a grain of salt," said Hubbard.

Again, Hubbard was not fired. Rather, he will be officially reprimanded via letter and the case will be reviewed one year later.

Hubbard said now that the identity of his blog has been revealed, he will be taking it down.