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Amendment 6: Prohibition on Public Funding of Abortions

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Bay County, Fla. -

Abortion remains a controversial issue in our community. "A lot of people think it's just taking tissue from a body, that it's not a real life." Pregnancy Resource Center Director, Jackie Smithwick says.

Educational material handed out at the center says once fertilization occurs, 46 chromosomes have come together to form a complete individual with the eye color, shoe size, and gender already determined.

"God is the one that created that life. Not a man a woman, but God himself." Smithwick says.

On November 6th, Floridians will have their chance to decide if the state's constitution should mirror current federal and state laws; it prohibits public funds from being used for an abortion, as well as public health insurance coverage.

"We are the ones who are supporting our government and I don't think our government has a right to take our tax dollars and fund what we are against." Smithwick says.

However, the Florida League of Women Voters does not support Amendment 6.

"This is already in the law." Jamie Shepard, the local league president says the league doesn't support or oppose abortions, but says they're against the amendment because it allows Florida politicians to intrude on a personal medical decision.

"These are rights of the most personal and saddest situation. I don't think women ever come to this decision without a great deal of thought and remorse." Shepard says.

Shepard also says this amendment conflicts with Article I, Section 23 of the Florida Constitution. "Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from government intrusion into that person's private life."

"When you start down the path of withdrawing a women's right to privacy in matters of healthcare, that's dangerous." Shepard adds.

Amendment 6 does have a few exceptions. If passed, the law would not apply in cases of injury or endangerment to the mother and in cases of rape or incest.

The League of Women Voters has provided a non-biased voter guide. 2012 Voter Guide