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Jackson County Dispatch System Gets "Smarter"

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Dispatchers in Jackson County now have an enhanced way to help the public. It is the ability to see important information regarding an individual or household when answering a 9-1-1 call. Smart 911 is a component of the recently upgraded dispatch system that allows people to create profiles online which can then be accessed by dispatchers during an emergency.

"The more you have when that particular 9-1-1 call comes in, the better the first responders can assist out in the field," says LaVon Pope, E911 Coordinator for Jackson County.

Smart 911 provides dispatchers with a snapshot of you and your household, literally. When filling out a Smart 911 profile, people can not only upload pictures of themselves and other household members and pets, but also enter as much information they feel may be necessary in case of an emergency.

Pope says information like allergies or specific medication one may take is information to keep in mind when filling out a profile online

Sheriff Lou Roberts says in an emergency situation many people do not think clearly and Smart 911 gives dispatchers information people entered when they did have time to think. Sheriff Roberts says it's also up to the individual just how much information they want to provide

Pope and The Jackson County Sheriffs Office encourage residents to fill out a profile. To do so, go to: www.smart911.com and click on: ‘Create A Safety Profile.' It is free and can be accessed by any emergency dispatch across the nation that has the Smart 911 component.  

Pope says Jackson County's recently upgraded system, New Generation, also has the capability to receive text messages and videos in lieu of a phone call to report an emergency. However, it's a feature that is not yet operational. Pope says the state is setting the pace on how the feature will become available.