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Bay High's Kristen Wanamaker- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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It's not everyday parents get to coach their kids through High School, but such is the case at Bay High, as Cross Country coach Tim Wanamaker sees his daughter excel in sport, and in academics as her teacher. Kristin's sport is Cross Country, and the passion runs through the family, as her coach is also Dad.

"He got me started in Cross Country when I first came to Bay," she says. "It's fun, I know I'm always going to get to practice on time."

All that getting to practice on time has helped mold Kristin into Bay High's captain in her senior season, but don't expect her to get any special treatment from Coach, er, Dad.

"I really try not to be, and she tells me I'm not, it's definitely unique- but it's definitely a joy to coach your kids," says Coach, and Dad, Tim Wanamaker.

"I do try to work harder, because he is my coach," says Kristen. "I get nervous when I'm not running as fast as I can. I get nervous to finish because I know he's going to be disappointed."

But Kristen doesn't leave much for Coach, or her teachers, one of which happens to be Dad as well, to be disappointed about, as she boasts a 4.1 GPA in Bay High's AICE program.

"I have him twice a day, two periods in a row," she says. "It's pretty cool actually, it's pretty fun. Just be like, hey Dad, you graded my test yet?"

"I'm not really looking forward to coming to school the first day without her there, because it would be the first time in six years I didn't have one of my daughters at school with me," says Coach Wanamaker.

Kristen won't be going far for college, as she's decided to become youth pastor by heading up to Graceville to attend Baptist College of Florida.

"It was just one of those things, it's a calling," says Kristen. "I felt like I was being called to do that."

"She definitely sets the example," says Coach Wanamaker. "Just by doing it, she's not really saying it, just by her actions, she definitely sets a positive example and sets a role model for these kids."

"I'm going to be off at college, it's going to be weird not running with him, and not going to school with him everyday," says Kristen.

But no matter the distance, the father daughter duo will always be close- as their passion for cross country means they're always just a short run away.