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Bay County Residents Upset Over Controversial Voter History Audit

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It seems during Election season, many organizations will do whatever they can to get your vote. But how far is too far?

For one Bay County resident, it's when her voting record was sent to her and all of her neighbors.

This controversial voter audit had officials calling this, "voter intimidation," and residents said it's a violation of privacy, especially as some of this information is entirely false.

Sheri Peters says she has voted in every election since turning 18; but, a letter she got in the mail tells a different story.

It was a voter history audit, sent from a grass roots organization called "Americans for Limited Government."

"It shows our voting records, supposedly and our name's on here…my name and our addresses," said Peters

Those records said she hasn't voted in the last two elections, and now this document has been sent to her entire street.

"To have someone put out something indicating I don't care to vote bothers me, where it might not bother somebody else. It does bother me, because it is very important to me. It's insulting," said Peters.

Insulting and intimidating said Bay County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Andersen.

"I'd call it voter irritation for sure. Florida is very open and public, but you're not supposed to use open and public against one another," said Andersen.

News 13 contacted the organization responsible for this document, but nobody answered

However, News 13 did find the Americans for Limited Government Facebook page. They have been bombarded with complaints from people all over who've received the same letter, saying it's a violation of privacy.

"That's very personal. I mean, I don't want people to know my name and address. I don't know who's getting these," said Peters.If fraudulent information wasn't enough, perhaps what truly crosses the line is what the letter promises following this election.

"We will then send and updated vote history audit to you and your neighbors with the results," said Peters reading the audit. "For me to feel like my neighbors are going to know my voting record after this election also, because they're going to be sent notification...yeah, it bothers me," she added.

Andersen urged anyone who has received this letter or other potential forms of voter fraud to reach out to his office

He added to ultimately use your best judgment when participating this election season.