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Ads on Bay District White Vehicles Could Generate Revenue

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 It's an idea school board member Steve Moss is test-driving, selling ad space on the district's white vehicles. Moss says schools in nine states are now generating revenue by selling ads on buses but since that's not legal here, the district's white vehicles might be an option.

"As a school district we have to be creative as the bottom line in regards to find other revenue sources. We don't want to raise taxes and therefore we have to be creative and this is definitely a creative way to raise some additional funds," says Moss. 

A similar idea, to advertise on school buses was introduced in the legislature last year, but it never made it through.

"There is no law out there that says we can indeed advertise on school buses, although they're working on it. And they did last year.. That being said, there is no law that says we cant advertise on the side of our white vehicles," says Moss.

With about 25 to 30 white vehicles, advertising agencies estimate a couple of 100 thousand dollars in revenues going directly to the Transportation Department. Money it needs to replace old buses

"It's been about two years since we've actually purchased new equipment, and our fleet is aging and we need to replace the fleet. This money will definitely help towards that cause," says Ken Phillips, director of the district's Transportation Department.

If this idea proves to be successful, Moss says this will be a good learning experience if the school bus bill passes.

Choosing the ads would be up to the districts, but anything related to drugs, alcohol, politics and religion will not be allowed.