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Small Businesses on Politics

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With four days left until election day, the race for president nears the finish line. News 13 is taking a look at why different small businesses here in town support one candidate over the other.

News 13 spoke with two small businesses Friday, one who supports President Obama, the other who supports Governor Romney.

One develops technology to determine the risk for flying into a bird strike, the other, an oyster processing business. While both are small businesses, their stance on politics is largely different.

For DeTect, owner Ron Merritt, believes the current administration is best for small businesses.

"It used to be, if you had an employee or an employee with a family member with a preexisting condition, we were always being threatened. 'We're going to drop you.' Obamacare eliminated that. We have some leverage," says Merritt.

Among other things, Merritt says his business relied on a small business administration loan for their backed by the Federal Government.

"Typically a bank wouldn't loan us that kind of money without having the backing of the Federal Government so that's been a big help and without that 50 percent of our business would go away," say's Merritt.

On the other side of town, Robert Webb, owner of Webbs Seafood, says the Romney/Ryan ticket will help his small business thrive.

"He's going to get tough on spending, and the reason I think that if you look at Paul Ryan...they're going to be tough on that there. We have too much regulation. We need to cut down on regulation and let the small man work," says Webb.

Webb says as a small businessman, you cant spend more than you make, and he believes the current administration is not fixing the nations problems.

"As a small business, each month you got to make sure things add up, and I don't think that our president has inherited all these problems that we have. The problem that I have is that he hasn't done anything about it," says Webb.