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Bay County Sheriff's Office K-9 Memorial Expands

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A dog may be man's best friend, but a K-9 officer takes the relationship to an entirely different level.  Law enforcement officers forge a working partnership with their four-legged companions.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) has a new addition to its K-9 memorial that recognizes the unique contribution of these loyal and dedicated animals.  On Monday, Kent Forest Lawn Funeral Home donated and installed a second monument at the site on the BCSO property.

The original monument, which lists the names of nine deceased K-9 officers, has no room for additional names.  The new monument bears the names of the two most recent animals that passed away after retiring from service.  So far, the section of granite reserved for K-9s killed in the line of duty in Bay County is blank.

Lt. Kevin Francis said the animals play a vital role in law enforcement.  "That's why we always want to have something like this," he said.  "[To] have the ability to put their names up on these walls… just to memorialize them and show the dedication that they gave to the public here in Bay County and to the sheriff's office."