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Local Volunteers Make Last Minute Election Push

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Panama City, Fla. -

Many Bay county voters decided to skip the long lines on voting day and opted to vote early, but many people are still expected to get out the vote Tuesday. Volunteers with both parties are doing what they can to target those election day voters.  

The volunteers know after months and months of campaigning this is it, and they are doing what they can to make sure voters make their voice heard.

At Mitt Romney's Panama City campaign office, volunteers spent Monday afternoon reaching out to voters.

"We've got folks all throughout this office that are doing nothing but dialing up people saying 'Hey, have you voted? If not, we sure hope you vote for Mitt Romney.'"

Volunteer Bill Fitzgerald says Romney offers up a stark contrast to the incumbent.

"We as Americans will make a choice tomorrow as to whether or not we want to remain a federal republic, .or whether we want to continue down the road to a social democracy," Fitzgerald said.  

Not to be outdone, Obama supporters also put their dialing fingers to work.  

"They're making phone calls as the supporters reach out to make sure that the people do get out to vote tomorrow," Obama volunteer Andrea Moore said.

Volunteers like Walter Miller want voters to keep the president's accomplishments in mind when they head to the polls.

"Our president has successfully stabilized the economy, has created over 5 million new jobs, provided access to affordable healthcare," Miller said.

And some of the final polls show that what the volunteers are doing is very important work. The candidates are in a dead heat, and it may very well come down to a few votes.

"Considering George Bush won the state of Florida in 2000 by 537 votes, the last 24 hours of the election is critical," Fitzgerald said.

"The ground game is the most important part of it right now, so the more bodies we get out, the greater the possibility that we'll be successful," Miller said.

So they will continue to work, not knowing how many busy signals they will get, or how many answering machines they will encounter. However both Fitzgerald and Miller are sure of one thing - Who the next president will be.

"Governor Mitt Romney will be the president-elect," Fitzgerald said.

"President Obama," Miller said. "The only president."

The two camps expect to make thousands of calls between now and tomorrow. Remember, polls will be open from 7 to 7 tomorrow. If you need a ride to the polls, you can give the campaign offices a call. For Romney's office, dial 814-6429. For Obama's campaign office, dial 899-3057.