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Springfield Deals With Eyesore Building

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News 13 is checking your complaints about empty, unsightly buildings and other properties in our community.  There is one in particular that Springfield would like to resolve.  Details in this Problem Solver report.

At one time, the place was busy with activity.  "It was Stetson's…like a nightclub.  There have been a bunch of inquiries.  There was another business in here…like a dance club …dance hall…supposed to have been an arcade.   Prior to that it has been a restaurant." That according to Lee Penton, Springfield Code Enforcement officer.

The now empty 50-year old building is located on Third Street in Springfield just a few yards from the Callaway city limits.  Penton says the building has been closed now for about five and a half years.  A bank has taken possession from the property owner.  Penton says, "I think their intentions is to sell it..but as you can see in the condition it is now it would be hard to sell it this way.  The property is probably more valuable without the building on it."

Looking outside, the appearance of the building may not be that bad to some.  But, if you go inside, it is a different story.  Penton says, "the main reason you see it boarded up...we have found a lot of safety issues and the building was open.  People going in and out…the roof has a hole in it. There's broken glass..there's water damage…severe water damage."  Penton says it is a very unstable structure right now.

So what's next for this property in Springfield?  The city is moving forward and according to Officer Penton, "We are going to send letters to the bank and all other interested parties giving them a time frame, probably 30 days, to at least start the process…get the permits… show that they are making efforts to get it secure in a more permanent type basis."

News 13 will provide updates on any new developments.