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'Making A Statement': Election Reaction

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Panama City, Fla. -

The day after an election, is known for taking down campaign signs, the return of political-free television, and of course some self-reflection. But as we learned today, some used it as an opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction with the results.

When a flag is flown upside down...it usually indicates an emergency or a problem, but when we went to go check out the De Valera's House of Furniture, nothing seemed to be wrong. "What was your reasoning for putting the flag upside down? Because I feel like this country is under siege" Dan Clanton says.

As the owner of the business, Clanton says he's been struggling the last few years. Flags dominated the hands of Obama supporters early Wednesday morning, as they waited for the next President to speak. But hours later, in Panama City, Clanton used his American flag to send a message.

"We've been hanging on by finger nails, and we've been looking to the election as a breath of fresh air for this economy. You know had things turned, we were going to hold ground, but I don't see that's going to happen. About 10 o'clock last night, we went out of business." Clanton says.

But did his displeasure go over well, those we spoke to say no way.

"If I would have seen I would have stopped and complained about it, cause my son is a marine." Denise Noonan says.

"I think flying a flag upside down is completely unpatriotic. As a nation we should all stick together regardless of the results of the election." Pete Palumbo says.

"Doing anything with the flag to show that you are displeased with anything is disrespectful." Rhonda Shelburne says.

But Clanton disagrees. "I believe this government has become disrespectful to the flag and the people who died and fought for that flag, they deserve better than that."

News 13 did speak to some who say their views are in line with Clanton's, but chose not to go on camera.