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Voters In Jackson County Re-Elect 5 Incumbents

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Jackson County, Fla -

On America's biggest election night ...voters in Jackson county continued the 5 incumbents.

"I'd just like to thank the people for allowing me to be the coach or the quarterback of this team," says Sheriff Lou Roberts. He says this team is the Jackson County Sheriff Department and it's because of them he got re-elected. "It's not anything that say Lou Roberts, per say, is doing as an individual, but the teamwork of this department and each one of these employees serving the citizens of Jackson County."

Roberts says he plans to continue the many efforts him and his department have already started during his first term as sheriff. For example, increasing the patrols across the county, continuing to upgrade their communications system, and strengthen their already strong relationship with the community. He says a strong partnership with the community helps them solve crime.

Meanwhile, Grand Ridge resident Kenneth Stephens is eager to get started on his second term as County Commissioner for District 5. "I'm definitely happy my supporters had confidence in me and continued to support me and allow me to serve one more term," says Stephens.

He says an issue he'd like to pay close attention to this next term is making Jackson county roads safer. "I think that's a major focus of the board, as a whole, to try and cover as much dirt road or unpaved road as we can," says Stephens.

Covering Jackson County along with 4 other counties as State Representative Marti Coley was re-elected for another 2 years. This term she will represent a new district, District 5, where she will now represent 5 counties compared to 9.

During her final term, she says she plans on continuing to focus on education and jobs. "Government isn't necessarily here to create jobs," says Coley. "But we should create an environment that businesses can be created and hire people and grow and prosper."

Incumbent Chuck Lockey was re-elected for the county commission district 3 seat and Sherry Brown was re-elected as the Jackson County Tax Collector for a third term.