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Cotton Harvest Underway In Jackson County

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The cotton harvest is underway in Jackson county. While the summer's wet weather was well desired and appreciated, it had farmers fearing it could have negative effects on their crops. But for one farmer in Jackson county, he was relieved and surprised to see his strong cotton yield. The rainfall, we all experienced across the Panhandle, stopped he says, just in time.

Two more weeks of the summer rain and Jefferey Pittman says bulb rot, which is when the lint of the plant gets wet and then rots before it's harvested,  could've been a lot worse.

"We were afraid of that but we were very fortunate to avoid that on a pretty large scale," says Pittman. He's harvested a little over a third of his cotton and he says it seems to be average or above average.

But the market for cotton this year, just the peanut crop is soft may end up with more sellers than buyers.

"Increased anchorage planted throughout the world and decreased demand of the cotton itself has of course created a much softer market," says Pittman.

From the nationwide drought to the heavy rainfall across the never know what to expect.

But this summer's rainfall seemed to be just enough for farmers to yield big, keep them on their toes, and to keep in mind, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

Farmers will continue to harvest this cotton through Thanksgiving and that will pretty much wraps up the season for him. He will then begin prepping the fields to do it all over again next year.