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F16 National Championships- Sunday

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On Friday, the 2012 F16 National Championship kicked off in St. Andrews Bay, with 32 sailboats racing throughout the day. Sarah Newberry and John Casey won the National title, and the two just started their Olympic campaign, with Nationals just their 2nd race together. After the race, saying they're glad they're on the right path as they continue to prepare for Rio.

"I think it means our approach is working so far," says Sarah. "That means we have got communication, which is one of our biggest goals, and that will improve."

"We weren't really results oriented this weekend," says John. "We wanted to get everything right, and work together, and if it happened it happened."

Local Taylor Reiss and his partner Brianna Chu finished 4th, and Matthew Whitehead, another Panama City resident, and Sarah Streater finished 12th.