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Sims Veterans Home Celebrates Veterans Day

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120 American heroes, representing all military branches, reside at Sims Veterans Home in Panama City. Sunday, those veterans were honored for their service.

If you are looking for an American history lesson, look no further than there.

"Well, I pulled two years in Thailand," said J Hill, a resident of the home.

"Well, I was aboard a ship for four years," said Lee Elwell, another resident.

History lives here.

"I was awarded this ribbon after I got back from Thailand," said Hill.

"I had choices that I made some I didn't like some I did like," said Elwell. "It's been a good life."

It was a simple life for Hill and Elwell, who say they can relate to the young men and women wearing the uniform of today.

"I get chill bumps," said Hill.

"It means one thing," said Elwell. "They love their country too."

"It just motivates us to do what we can," said Ashley Nunn of the Marine Corps JROTC at Mosley. "You know, we want to do more for our community and our country."

Elwell reminisces about the first time he put on his Navy uniform

"I was sent to Great Lakes Illinois and I was a southern boy and I like to froze to death," said Elwell. "I remember that well."

And for Hill, it's about remembering the glory days.

"Nothing is more glorious than to see than to watch that airplane take off with that pilot in it," said Hill. "Making his run."

And being determined to help fulfill a purpose.

"And somebody recognized we were doing a good job I guess," said Hill.

"We are praying our boys over there now will come back safely," said Elwell.

And no better way to honor their service than with a simple 'thank you'.

State Attorney Glenn Hess, whose soldier son was recently injured in Afghanistan, was among those who spoke at Sunday's ceremony.