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Highway 98 Business Signage in Walton County To Be Removed By FDOT

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For most small business owners, every bit of advertisement helps; but, for many businesses of Highway 98 in Walton County, a main source of advertisement may be a thing of the past.

Driving down Highway 98 in Walton County, you've probably seen the tall white sign displays sitting at various intersections.

It's a landmark for some drivers, but the FDOT wants them down ASAP.

These white signs are meant to point drivers in the right direction. It's something many business owners have relied upon to draw in customers from the busy highway. To their quieter street

At The French Laundry off Highway 393, their sign draws in both tourists and locals.

"We have a lot of people that will actually say, "Well, I couldn't find you guys but I saw the sign and I know right where you are," said Assistant Manager, Melissa Morris.

Morris said the signs have been up nearly as long as the 12-year-old business has been open.

"First thing they'll look at is a sign, there they are. Ok, they'll know exactly which road to turn down," said Morris.

Learning the FDOT wants these signs down was disconcerting for Morris.

"These signs do not block anything. It's not blocking your line of vision...or anything that could cause an accident or anything like that to happen," she said

According to Statute 337.406, It is unlawful to make any use of the right-of-way of any state transportation facility in any manner that interferes with the safe and efficient movement of people and property.

It goes on to say this includes the display of advertising.


The fluorescent green citations on the signs indicate the business owners have had the past ten days to remove their signs before the dot will step in.

Meanwhile, it's clear that while several business owners have heeded the warning and removed their advertisements, there are some, like The French Laundry, who are not happy.

"It's a shame to thing something like that so small, so simple could be removed after it's been here for so long. It feels a little bit ridiculous," said Morris.

The FDOT was unavailable for comment Monday due to the holiday.