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Husfelt Discusses Replacing Buses, Privatization in the Mix

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With one of the oldest bus fleets in the state, Bay District Schools is discussing how to find the money to replace it, one of the ideas could have to do with the privatization of transportation.

Husfelt says it eventually comes down to a safety issue, the buses are old and they need to find the funding to replace them.

In the last three years, Husfelt says they have only replaced about 14 buses, but soon the entire fleet will need replacing.

Bay district schools says at one point it used to receive more than seven million dollars in Peco Funding from the State which could be used for things like new buses. Now, they don't receive any. With such an aging fleet, the District needs to work to find the money for a new one.

"We're going to put it all out there and let everyone see all the choices," says Husfelt. "I mean no wants to raise taxes, but do we privatize then or do we just keep driving old buses? So we've got some tough decisions to make."