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TDC Facility, Lupin Beach Project Amongst Discussion at Walton Commission Meeting

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It was a busy night for commissioners in Walton County as several hot button issues made it to the floor.

For Commissioners Cecelia Jones, Larry Jones and Scott Brannon, it was their last official meeting.

Yet, there was no rest for the weary in this stacked agenda as they and the rest of the board put in a full night's work.

It began with the approval of negations between the Tourist Development Council and Construction Company, Lord and Sons.

According to TDC Director, Dawn Moliterno, the proposed $228,000 overhaul will address the standing safety and health issues found in an April 2011 review of their current facility.

However, they wish to negotiate for additional repairs to a leaky roof and other issues. The report indicated mold and fire hazards among the list of things that will be fixed by this project.

Perhaps the largest seat filler Tuesday evening was the long anticipated discussion of the Lupin Beach project in Inlet Beach.

A packed house of both residents and lawyers awaited the quasi-judicial discussion of the proposed development, which residents have fought from the start.

The plan calls for 20 houses to be built on a 6.36 acre plot along Walton Magnolia Lane, but before discussion began, the commission motioned to continue it until December 11th. The move effectively cleared the room.

Finally an update of a story News 13 brought you, Monday.

According to Commissioner Sara Comander, the white business signs along highway 98 in Walton County aren't going down without a fight from the board.

She says the FDOT has never presented the county with paperwork to suggest they are responsible to remove these advertisements.

Comander added they hope to discuss this issue with the department before and permanent remove will take place surrounding these long standing signs.