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Modern Medicine: Flu and Autism Link

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Panama City, Fla. -

A Danish study shows a link between mothers who had the flu during their pregnancies and an increased risk of autism.  However, some doctors say this is not concrete evidence, and more research needs to be done. 

Dr. Justo Maqueira from Emerald Coast OBGYN says it's important for all pregnant women to get the flu vaccine. 

"It's important because pregnant women are more likely to have a more severe case of the flu.  Pregnant women have a lower immune system, so any infection can be a lot more severe," Dr. Maqueira explains.  He also says the latest study linking the flu and autism is important, but moms shouldn't panic.

According to Dr. Maqueira, "It's a large study, so that's a good study, but there was no cross-referencing as far as what the patient said and what was in their chart....This study just adds another piece to the puzzle as to what could be causing autism.  A lot more studies have to be done."

Doctors advise that if a patient has the flu, she should see her physician.  Pregnant women are only advised to get a flu shot, not the nasal spray flu vaccine.