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Campaign Sign Controversy In Jackson County

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A Jackson county commissioner looks to press charges against the incoming Chamber of Commerce Chairman for removing his campaign signs after the election.

"All my signs were gone," says re-elected Jackson County Commissioner Kenneth Stephens when he went looking for the political signs he put up in the Malone area. So, he went looking and what he thinks he found was malicious intent.

"Mr.Alter was supporting my opponent and I feel like he done it out animosity or vindictiveness," says Stephens.

However John Alter, incoming Chamber of Commerce Chairman, says that was not the case.  "Those people that know me and have seen my farm as the entrance to Malone, know that I appreciate neatness." Alter says he just wanted to keep the city he lives in looking neat. "There was no personal intent to just pick up one candidate's signs, it was everybody."

But Stephens says he noticed his signs were not treated the same as everyone else's. When he went to Alter's residence, he was greeted by an employee of Alter's who told him his were thrown in a pit in the back of the field. 

Alter goes on to say Stephens signs weren't the only ones piled up in the backyard. "I hadn't planned on saving anybody's that didn't ask me," says Alter. Alter says he saved Stephen's opponent in the county commission district 5 race because he was asked to.

"I'm a fan of my community and I looked on it as just a citizen doing a little civic duty cleaning up a little clutter after the election," says Alter.

Alter returned the signs to commissioner Stephens the same day Stephens went looking for them. Stephens is still pursuing the complaint.

The complaint is the hands of the State Attorneys Office., where no charges have been formally made.