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Open House In Downtown Panama City

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Panama City, Fla. -

Take a trip to downtown Panama City, and you might notice more than a few 'for rent' or 'for sale' signs on vacant buildings. The city is trying to appeal to potential business owners so they can fill those empty gaps. They used an open house today to achieve that goal.

Talk to any business owner downtown, and they'll say the key to downtown "coming back" is a thriving business climate.

So the first step Saturday was to show off what the city has, which was about two dozen properties along grace avenue, Harrison Avenue, Oak street, 4th street, and Florida avenue. The spaces range in size  - the largest one at 15,000 square feet, the smallest one at 700 square feet. Realtor Connie Overstreet says downtown is gaining momentum.

"Friday Fest brings in a lot of attention," Overstreet said. "I've noticed that the parades over the past few years have been getting larger and drawing more of the population to come to the parade, so downtown has been really picking up over the last couple of years."

Judy Gordon, owner of downtown business 'Love Me Again,' says the downtown area depends on new businesses coming in.

"I don't see it getting any better if something is not done about bringing stable businesses to the area, filling up these empty buildings," Gordon said.

A list of the available properties can be found below.

 Address  Contact  Phone  Size
135 Harrison Ave  Bob Hurst  250-5537  4,200
648 Florida Ave  Brian Hinton   527-6393  3,530
300 Oak Street  Brian Hinton   527-6393  3,367
437 Harrison Ave  Chris McCall  814-9889  15,000
445 Harrison Ave   Raleigh Sale  832-5006  12,600
228 4th Street   Darrell Turner  248-3615  1,676
209 Harrison Ave  Dwight Hicks  215-1616  1,870 
315 Harrison Ave  Dwight Hicks  215-1616  1,811
200 Harrison Ave  Jason Oakes  819-4148  6,000
745 Harrison Ave   Overstreet Realty  763-4459  7,050
747 Harrison Ave  Overstreet Realty  763-4459  5,432

459 Grace Ave

 Rob Koehnemann  832-5665  4,400 (expandable to 5600)
443A Grace Ave  Rob Koehnemann  832-5665  1,000
443B Grace Ave  Rob Koehnemann  832-5665  700
460 Grace Ave  Rob Koehnemann  832-5665  1,800
229 Harrison Ave  Robert Nessley  313-580-3590  3,000
231 Harrison Ave  Robert Nessley  313-580-3590  3,600
233 Harrison Ave  Robert Nessley  313-580-3590  3,875
558 Harrison Ave  Tom Neubauer  785-1551/819-1955  5,565