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Residents Taught Survival and Self Reliance

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A survival class seems a fitting thing to take place inside a museum. Something that, has itself, withstood the test of time.

"We really advocate the old world skills of the frontiersman," said Dan Cole, author and survival instructor.  

Cole and business partner Max Griffin consider themselves avid outdoors men.

Saturday at the Panama City Publishing Museum the two hope to instill the ways of times long past.

"To be able to be like David Crockett or Daniel Boone and to be able to survive with just very small bag and your bare essentials and not only to survive but to be content with that," said Cole.

On the heels of one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the northeast, Cole says now it's becoming more and more evident that self reliance's is an invaluable asset.

"It doesn't have to be a drudgery," said Cole. "You can enjoy it.

"If you enjoy camping in the outdoors, you already have the building blocks of being an outdoors man and being self reliant."

Cole set up a table of information full of examples of tools supplies and kits. But, learning to survive on your own seems a bit overwhelming.

"It looks like a lot because we have a lot of gear here to display," said Cole. "But it's really up to each individual person what they would like to have and carry."

Some of the things you might take with you are food, a first aid kid, and rain gear. But, the most important thing to have you cant pack in your bag.

"The brain is the most important survival tool you have," said Cole. "Because the more you know the less you have to carry."

Cole's main message is that you are your best asset.

"And we advocate the willingness of the individual to learn how to use those skills and learn how to use them effectively and be able to take care of their family with them," said Cole.