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Thanksgiving Holidays Plagued by Rash of South Walton Car Burglaries

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Vacationers in South Walton are asking "why" tonight following a rash of 17 car burglaries over a two day period. While some were upset, others are saying it's a sign of the times.

Victims said they were shocked it could happen to them, but fortunately they said nobody was injured. Most are just urging people to use extra precaution as we move into the holidays.

"They hit everybody in the neighborhood," said victim, Vince Emmett.

"They were looking for whatever they could find," added victim, Wayne Patton.

For Emmett and Patton, they wish the burglars who ransacked their cars would find something better to do.

"It's the first time something like this has ever happened. Maybe a sign of the times," said Emmett.

It's a sad sign of the times said Walton County Investigator, Wendy Ammons.

"This is a great area to live and we'd like to keep it that way, but we also need to keep in mind that we're living in a different day and time than maybe you and me grew up in when we could leave our cars and our doors unlocked. It's just not a safe thing to do," said Ammons.

17 cars in all were burglarized in the early morning hours of November 18th and 19th along Montego Avenue, Santa Clara Street and North Andalusia in South Walton.

Some were missing cameras and gaming equipping.

While some cars were smashed open, others were simply left unlocked for the taking.

"If they are tempted enough, they will enter the vehicle," said Ammons.

It's no secret that the holiday season is an increasingly tempting time for burglars looking to score some holiday cheer of their own with stuff inside your car. These are things like your GPS or your cell phone charger that may indicate your cell phone is somewhere inside. So, make sure you're taking those items with you as you're exiting your vehicle. Of course, your last line of defense is to always lock up before walking away.

As for the victims of this crime, there are still unanswered questions.

"I think everyone's got more lights on, locking their cars and just wondering why,"

This investigation is still ongoing. No arrests have been made at this time.