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Black Friday Starts Controversy

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As people all over the country prepare to flock to the stores on Black Friday, controversy surrounds the stores new hours.  Some stores are choosing to open their doors as early as 8pm on Thanksgiving.  So does that mean less time around the dinner table?  With stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Toys R Us are planning to open their doors at 8pm on Thursday. Some frequent Black Friday shoppers say stores should stick with tradition and open at midnight like in the past years.  However, some people across the panhandle feel differently. "As far as an employee I wouldn't like it but as a customer I like it because I don't have to get up so late and try to fight through all the traffic I think the 8 o' clock thing works for me," said Rhoda Stevens of Panama City Beach.  Some stores such as Best Buy and Kohl's will be closed on Thanksgiving but reopen on Black Friday at midnight.